Reviews for The Fix




“For anybody who is a sports nut and enjoys a good story, The Fix is a very compelling read.” Gary Cole, Sports Editor, Playboy

“Takes you into the world of college basketball and down its darkest corridors–a cautionary tale for every college athlete.” Lesley Visser, CBS

“This book is required reading for every college basketball fan and every athletic director, coach and player with a conscience.” Gene Wojiechowski, Chicago Tribune

“…the ultimate horror of college basketball: a Final Four fixed by the televising network to assure the appearance of the high-profile teams it needs to turn a huge profit. There are a rich mix of characters, coaches, players, administrators, TV executives and all the other assorted players in the drama, a tightly-wound plot and a satisfying ending. Sports fans and non-sports fans will have a hard time putting it down.” Dick Fenlon, Columbus Dispatch

“Some people can play the game. Some people can talk the game. Some people can write the game. Jeff Schneider can do all three.” Rick Bozich, Louisville Courier-Journal

“Jeff Schneider has captured the profit-mongering that dominates the world of big-time college athletics with a story that should have every fan wondering whether those crazy bounces in the annual NCAA tournament are real or contrived. Some network executive will probably kick himself for not thinking of the idea first…” Michael Bradley, The Sporting News

“…a compelling story about college basketball’s biggest fear, the fixing of games. The reader is swept dramatically all the way to the Final Four and then to a surprise ending.” Dave Dorr, Basketball Hall of Fame Member, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Reviews for The Games




A story right off the front pages of the newspapers every day…and one you won’t put down.Jerry Kokesh, United States Biathlon Association

“The book…involves romance, mystery, science, and, of course, the Olympic Games. Jeff Schneider has won gold with this one.” Billy Reed, Sports Illustrated


Reviews for The Violation




“In The Violation, Jeff Schneider continues to take readers inside of collegiate athletics like few others can. Although this work is fiction, his view of college athletics and its excesses make not only entertaining reading, but should provoke thought and discussion about our games today and where they are headed…not to mention the health risks that
student-athletes will often take to compete at the highest levels. Mirrors for all of us, please.” Charles Davis Analyst, FOX Sports, NFL Network

“Here is the scouting report on Jeff Schneider: He’s the original triple-threat author about what is really going on in college sports today: He understands the game because he played it. He can explain the game because he writes with clarity and conviction. And he ties it all together because he understands the big picture. Read The Violation. It will change the way you look at major-college sports.” Rick Bozich, WDRB TV, Louisville