The Violation

He looked into the heavens, rain streaming down his cheeks as if tears. “Why, Lord?”

And then a cold, chilling stare formed on his face. Ace Cleveland didn’t care anymore.

The entire sporting world was turned upside down. Everyone, including writers, broadcasters, coaches, athletic directors—even parents—were ignoring the fact that steroids were being used in college athletics…and killing people!



“In The Violation, Jeff Schneider continues to take readers inside of collegiate athletics like few others can. Although this work is fiction, his view of college athletics and its excesses make not only entertaining reading, but should provoke thought and discussion about our games today and where they are headed…not to mention the health risks that student-athletes will often take to compete at the highest levels. Mirrors for all of us, please.”Charles Davis, FOX Sports, NFL Network

“Here is the scouting report on Jeff Schneider: He’s the original triple-threat author about what is really going on in college sports today: He understands the game because he played it. He can explain the game because he writes with clarity and conviction. And he ties it all together because he understands the big picture. Read The Violation. It will change the way you look at major-college sports.” – Rick Bozich, WDRB TV, Louisville

“Smart…and introspecitve look into the world of college sports we only hear whispers about.”  – ESPN Radio



The Fix

The Mob figures fixing the NCAA Final Four should be as easy as pushing a pimp off a bridge. But they haven’t figured on an unknown point-guard from a nowhere Kentucky town—Mike Kramer, a poor country boy with a great heart and everything to prove. The World Broadcasting Company (WBC), holder of broadcast rights for the NCAA Final Four, is in big ratings trouble, and its head honchos know it. With Austin Peay and other Cinderella teams clogging recent tournaments, sportswriters are starting to call it “The Final Bore.” Desperate to hold onto their fat paychecks and their pride, WBC’s execs see just one solution: maneuvering the four teams with the largest followings into the Final Four. How to do it? Hire a Mob contact to put in The Fix.


“For anybody who is a sports nut and enjoys a good story, The Fix is a very compelling read. — Gary Cole, Sports Editor, Playboy
Takes you into the world of college basketball and down its darkest corridors–a cautionary tale for every college athlete.” — Lesley Visser, CBS
This book is required reading for every college basketball fan and every athletic director, coach and player with a conscience.” — Gene Wojiechowski, Chicago Tribune

The Games

No longer a world superpower, Russia can’t wait generations to regain past glory, and officials arrive at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics determined to steal the human cloning secret discovered by an old scientist in Park City, Utah.The powers of the secret are simple– to clone the greatest world leaders, and eliminate God from the equation.But everyone underestimates the grit of biathlete Dee Dee Daniels. Out to prove she wasn’t a washout in Nagano in 1998, the fiesty University of Utah student is out to prove she isn’t just lucky she makes the Olympic Biathon Team when drugs turn up in a urine sample of another. Seeking gold and redemption, Daniels teams with the alcoholic scientist who discovered the cloning secret, a former gold medal winner himself.And when it’s learned Daniels carries the cloning secret around her neck for good luck, the Russians, and the rest of the world, are coming–after her!


“A story right off the front pages of the newspapers every day…and one you won’t put down.” — Jerry Kokesh, United States Biathlon Association

“The book…involves romance, mystery, science, and, of course, the Olympic Games. Jeff Schneider has won gold with this one.” — Billy Reed, Sports Illustrated